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About APIChem

Hangzhou APIChem Technology Co., Ltd. (APIChem) is a high-tech company in the chemical and pharmaceutical field. Our company specializes in supplying Research Chemicals to global market, we have always dedicated our efforts to promoting new molecules.

APIChem has the state-of-the-art facilities and domain expertise, our team include superexcellence professionals with Bsc, Msc and PhD degree, as well as excellent laboratory and pilot technicians. APIChem has a wide variety of synthesis and research experience to provide technically challenging, cost effective and environmentally safe products for Research and Development within the chemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our products and services include:
  APIs & Intermediates
  Fine & Specialty Chemicals
  Chemical Building Blocks
  Plant Extracts & Phytochemicals
  Noble Metal Catalysts
  Custom Synthesis

What's more, having a good relationship with some famous Chinese universities, research institutions, laboratories and companies, APIChem also offers products from Chinese suppliers to global researchers.

We keep stock most of our Catalog Products from milligrams up to multikilogram quantities, offering you immediate access to them with competitive pricing. You can search our products by Structure or Keyword.

Our Mission:

To be an outstanding supplier of research chemicals to the global market, providing high-quality products and services.

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